"But My Dog is Friendly" Public Service Announcement

Published on Tuesday, 21 September 2021 at 3:00:00 PM

Beagle on a lead with a harness

One of the most common issues (and complaints) our Ranger receives regarding dogs is owners not having their dog contained (no matter how friendly he or she might be!).  It is courteous and responsible to remember that other dogs might need space and to keep our dogs on lead (unless in an off lead exercise area).

As dog owners we have no doubt experienced health and training challenges from time to time.  If we can remember this, and be aware that other dogs and dog owners might be facing some of those challenges such as:

  • leash reactivity
  • be a service or working dogs
  • injuries, disease or painful physical conditions
  • intolerance of other animals
  • recovery from surgery
  • fearful of unfamiliar or rowdy dogs
  • aging and elderly
  • learning self-control around other dogs

By remembering that at times all dogs are in need of space we  can better support our dog owning community by ensuring our dogs are restrained when in public areas (unless in a designated off lead exercise area).

Recently, we shared an article regarding WA laws for responsible dog owners.

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