Firebreaks serve three main purposes:

  • Stop low intensity fires from spreading
  • Provides access for firefighting vehicles
  • To provide an anchor point from which back burning can take place to control a fire.

It is essential that they are maintained to the specified requirements throughout the bush fire season for your safety and the safety of the volunteer fire fighters protecting your community.

The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes requires all land owners to install firebreaks or reduce the fuel load around the house by the 15 November to the 10th May annually.

Properties under 4 hectares (10 acres) and unmanaged properties over 4 hectares are required to either have a perimeter firebreak of not less than 3 metres wide as well as a 3 metre firebreak around all buildings and haystacks, or alternately, be slashed so that the grass is no higher than 100mm high and all flammable materials likely to create a hazard are removed, except living trees and shrubs.

Managed land means properties that are being actively fuel reduced throughout the period by means of grazing by an appropriate number of livestock, slashing and baling etc. These properties are not required to have perimeter firebreaks, although property owners are encouraged to install them in strategic locations to protect their property in the event of a fire.

For a full copy of the firebreak order click below

Firebreak Order


Where there are valid environmental or on-ground considerations that prevent full compliance with the Notice, landowners may apply to the Shire for a variation. A variation must be lodged in writing on a Firebreak and Fuel Hazard Reduction Variation Form. Applications for a variation must be submitted by 31 October each year.