Bulk Waste Charges  

There are two charges for bulk waste brought to site in large trailers, trucks and skip bins:  

Sorted bulk waste

Sorted general waste is waste not containing any materials that would be accepted at the facility for recycling or repurposing (i.e. waste has had all material that could be diverted from landfill removed). 

Unsorted bulk waste

Unsorted waste contains materials that could be separated and accepted at the Waste Facility for recycling or repurposing. Examples of recyclable items which may be mixed into this waste stream is general waste plus green waste, cardboard, household recycling, clean fill, scrap metal and/or timber. 

The following recyclable materials are not accepted in the unsorted category and must always be presented separately. Bulk or skip loads presenting with these materials mixed in who cannot separate them will not be approved to dispose at the Waste Facility.  

  • Household + vehicle batteries 
  • Fluorescent light globes 
  • Electronic waste (e-waste) 
  • Engine oil 
  • Tyres 
  • Mattresses 
  • Fridges + air conditioning units 

Shire staff investigate new recycling streams on an ongoing basis so this list may be expanded from time to time as new options become available. 

If I bring a mixed load of 5m3 with 20% scrap metal, 20% rubble, 10% cardboard, and 50% general waste, which category would it fall under?

A mixed load containing recyclable materials would be classified as unsorted with the total volume being charged at this rate. If the recyclable materials were separated out, it would be classed as sorted and you would only be charged for the 2.5m3 of general waste. 

Why have skip bins increased in price to dispose of at the Bridgetown Waste Facility?

Skip bins are charged at the same bulk fee as residents bringing in large trailers or trucks. There are two fee structures depending on what the bin contains, as detailed above The rest of the charge from the operator will be for their service. It is up to the operator which charge they pass on to their customer – whether they support a reduction in recycling to landfill and make all efforts to encourage separation of recycling out of the bin, or if they choose to pass on the higher unsorted fee and continue to support the old mixed waste system, where recyclable materials go to landfill, taking up valuable space and wasting resources. 


Gate charges 

Tip Tokens

Disposal of general waste is paid using cash or tip tokens. Tip tokens are issued with Shire resident rate notices each year.  Additional tokens can be purchased from the Customer Service Area in the form of cards with 10 tokens. EFTPOS is not available at the Waste Facility and any EFTPOS transactions must be paid for in advance at the Shire Office. The Shire Administration Office is open Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm. 

Residents who currently receive a weekly rubbish collection service will receive a pass containing 20 tokens, allowing free entry to either the Bridgetown Waste Management Site or Greenbushes Transfer Station 20 times, with rubbish equivalent to one 140 litre mobile garbage bin per token. Larger loads will require the use of additional tokens. 

Residents without a weekly rubbish collection service will receive a pass containing 72 tokens. 52 of these will allow for weekly entry with the equivalent of a 140 litre bin collection. The remaining tokens allow for an additional 20 free entries, with rubbish equivalent to one 140 litre mobile garbage bin. Larger loads will require two or more tokens, as described above. 

These charges are summarised in the Shire's Schedule of Fees and Charges.