Public Health FAQs

The Shire has covered a range of topics below to help you access information on common environmental health issues.

Can the Shire help me with a noise issue?

The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 specify the allowed decibel levels depending on the day and time. The regulations ensure acceptable levels are met, with flexibility to allow normal activities to occur. For a better understanding of these regulations, please view our Noise Information Sheet.

In most cases, noise issues are resolved by talking to the people involved, where this has not worked you can lodge a noise enquiry via our Customer Service Request  for anti-social behaviour and after hours noisy parties, contact the Police to lodge a complaint.

Can I keep chickens?

To keep poultry including fowls, peafowls, turkey, geese and ducks on your property you must ensure the following requirements are met:

  •  Poultry are not to exceed 20 in number
  • Poultry are not to be kept within 12 metres of any residential home
  • Poultry are to be kept in and provided with a properly constructed enclosure
  • All enclosures must be kept in a clean condition

How about Roosters?

Roosters cannot be kept in residential zones including rural residential. If you live in a residential area and have a problem rooster, please submit a Customer Service Request and one of our Officers will contact you.

Can I have a beehive?

You can keep up to two beehives on your property following these requirements:

  • A fence or wall encloses the hives on all sides
  • A supply of water must be available within 10 metres of the hives
  • Hives to be kept outside, at least 10 metres away from any building or public place and 5 metres from the lot boundary

I am concerned about asbestos

When asbestos-containing materials are left undisturbed they are relatively harmless, however if the material is damaged or disturbed it may release fibres into the air which can be dangerous to health. The Department of Health WA provides detailed information on asbestos. If you have a concern about asbestos in your neighbourhood please please submit a Customer Service Request for an Environmental Health Officer to contact you.

Asbestos Information

Can I move asbestos from my property?

Yes. Click the link below to learn how to remove asbestos safely or when a licensed asbestos removalist may be required.
Asbestos Removal

If removing yourself, when it is time to dispose triple wrap in heavy duty black plastic and clearly label the package ‘CAUTION ASBESTOS’.

See more about disposing of asbetstos here 

Mould is growing in my house

Mould may grow in homes when conditions are damp, dark and poorly ventilated. Once the cause of the excess moisture encouraging mould growth has been rectified the mould can then be removed. Department of Health WA provide information on this process - see link below.

If you are renting a property which has a mould problem, your rental agent should be the first contact. If you need help Tenancy WA: 1800 621 888 may be able to assist you.

Department of Health WA - mould information

Can I camp on private land?

The WA caravan parks and camping grounds legislation specifies the length of time a person can camp on land which they own or are legally permitted to camp on. The legislation states a person may camp for no longer than three consecutive days in any 28-day period.