The Shire's waste and recycling collection service extends to the Bridgetown residential area, Greenbushes, North Greenbushes and a wide range of estates on the outskirts of town. 

Collection of the red general waste bins happens every week on a Wednesday in the Bridgetown area and every Tuesday for the Hester, Greenbushes, and North Greenbushes areas. 

Recycling collection is also an important part of our Waste Management Service.  The green recycling bins get collected every second week. Refer to the calendar to check the next scheduled collection day for your area.  

Bridgetown Recycling Calendar

Greenbushes Recycling Calendar

Who do I contact if my bin has not been collected?

If your bin is not emptied on the scheduled day, please leave it out on the verge and contact Cleanaway ASAP on the new phone number especially for our Shire residents: 9724 7907 to request re-service. Reports made later than the next day are unlikely to be serviced and residents may have to wait until the next usual scheduled collection. 

To help ensure your bin is serviced on the scheduled day: 

  • Please place the bin out on the verge in a visible and accessible location the night before. 
  • Do not overload your bin or place items in the bins so that the lid will not close (70kg MAX for general rubbish). 
  • Place all rubbish inside the bin (rubbish not placed in the bin cannot be collected). 
  • Please ensure your bin is a least 500mm clear of other bins or other obstructions (basketball hoop, car, etc.) 

Who do I contact if my bin has been damaged and requires repair or replacement?

Contact the Shire Office with details of what type of bin and what the damages are. Hinges to secure the lid can be collected from the Shire office. Bins are only replaced where they are not able to be repaired and these may be with bins in good second-hand condition. 

If your bin has gone missing/stolen or you would like to upgrade the size of your bin please contact the Shire office. You will need to be the property owner to upgrade the size of your bin (fees apply).

How do I apply for a new bin collection service?  

To apply for a new bin collection service you will need to be the property owner and contact the Shire Office (annual fees apply).  

If you are outside of the current collection zone, Shire staff will work with Cleanaway to assess if it is feasible to extend the collection area.

If your property is outside of the kerbside collection area you will need to take your waste and separated recycling to either the Bridgetown Waste Facility or Greenbushes Transfer Station. You will receive a tip pass card to cover the majority of your waste disposal charges. See Gatehouse Charges under the ‘Fees and Charges’ section for more information. 



What can go in your general waste bin: 

  • General household waste (non-recyclable) 
  • Frozen odorous waste – place in bin night before collection 
  • Nappies, band aids and sanitary items 
  • Items contaminated with food e.g serviettes, tissues, greasy paper 
  • Soft plastics 
  • Pet fur and excrement 
  • Small green waste items. 

This waste is buried in the active landfill site at the Bridgetown Waste Facility. 

Please don’t put the following dangerous items in your bin: 

  • Hot ashes 
  • Oil 
  • Batteries 
  • Chemicals and pesticides 
  • Aerosol cans, gas bottles 
  • Liquid paint and solvents 
  • Sharps 

Not only can these items damage your kerbside bin, but they pose a huge risk to waste collection truck drivers and operators. Household batteries and pressurised bottles like aerosol cans frequently cause truck fires around the state, with rubbish loads being dumped in public places to control the fire. 

What can go in your recycling bin:

There are 4 categories: 

  • Aluminium and steel cans 
  • Glass bottles and jars 
  • Paper and cardboard (flattened and no shredded paper) 
  • Plastic bottles, tubs and containers 

Give containers a rinse,  remove lids and DO NOT bag items, place them loose into the bin. 

If you are not sure an item is recyclable contact the Shire or place it in your general waste bin. 

Household/kitchen recyclable items are sent to the Cleanaway Materials Recovery Facility in Guildford where they are separated, baled and sent on to be recycled. 

The following items are NOT recyclable: 

  • Tetrapaks from long life milk or juices 
  • Meat trays 
  • Polystyrene and packing nuts 
  • Shredded paper 
  • Soft plastics 
  • Rope or hoses 
  • Nappies 
  • Coffee cups 
  • Plastic containers over 3L 
  • Receipts 

For an in depth look at where to dispose of various wastes see Cleanaway’s Recycling A-Z directory:

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