Membership to the Library is FREE. You can join in person or sign up for a 6-month temporary membership online.


To join online follow the link below and complete the Online Registration form. You will then be given a temporary ID and can access eResources for 6-months using your ID and self-designated PIN.

To make your membership permanent, visit the library and show identification with proof of your name and current residential address. You will then receive a Library Membership card and access to all our resources. Parent/Guardian consent is needed for those under 18 years old.

Join Online

Membership Expiry

Memberships automatically expire over time. Standard memberships last two years, while Lite memberships only last three months. When you receive your privilege expired notification you simply need to speak to our library staff to get it renewed.


Membership Responsibilities

You are responsible for any items lost or damaged while on loan to you. - Lost and damaged fees are considered on a case-by-case basis. We take into account the age and value of the item. Your library is a public place, and the staff would like you to feel welcome, to enjoy your visit, and use as many services as needed.