How to Apply

Find the information you need about how to lodge your Planning or Building Applications. 

Planning or Building Applications may be lodged with the Shire by the following methods:

In person – 1 Steere Street, Bridgetown WA 6255 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm). Should you require access to a staff member it is recommended that an appointment be reserved. - preferred


It's recommended that a reputable architect, draftsperson, town planner or builder should be engaged to assist for most applications.

Building Application Types

Certified Building Permit Application (BA1 Form)

Building applications may be submitted which have already been certified, or assessed for compliance, by a registered Building Surveyor Contractor. This is a requirement for Class 1-9  buildings (e.g. commercial buildings). Please include the Certificate of Design Compliance with your application.

Certified Building Permit Application BA1 Form

Uncertified Building Permit Application (BA2 Form)

Used for  Class 10 non-habitable buildings (e.g. sheds). The Shire checks details submitted for compliance against the building standards.

Uncertified Building Permit Application BA2 Form

How long will it take?

Planning / Development Approval

An Application for Development Approval can take up to 60 days, or 90 days where referrals are required. Please factor this into your development time frames.

Certified Building Application (BA1)

Must be assessed within 10 working days.

Uncertified Building Application (BA2)

Must be assessed within 25 working days. Where the Shire is waiting on further information to be provided, the assessment time is paused.