Total Fire Ban & Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban

Total Fire Ban (TFB) 

A Total Fire Ban is issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services on days when fires are most likely to threaten lives and property.

Fire bans, alerts and warnings for the Shire can be viewed on the Emergency WA website.

Further information regarding what you can and can’t do on a day declared a Total Fire Ban can be found on the  Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban (HVMB)

A Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban is issued by the Shire through the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer (CBFCO). This ban is issued either due to fire response resourcing issues (our fire trucks are very busy) or if the weather is particularly dangerous for fires, taking into consideration factors such as the wind speed, temperature, humidity, drought factor and fuel curing.

Machine operators are responsible for checking if any restrictions are in place before undertaking harvesting on a property. It is their duty to make sure equipment is not likely to start a fire during a ban. If it does, a fine could be issued and there is serious risk of putting the property and community in danger.

Please note, Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban are different to Total Fire Bans, which are issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

  • Harvesting operations are not permitted.
  • Any off-road activity is banned, unless it is for work being conducted by business, industry and public authorities. (See permitted activities below for conditions).
  • Off-road includes areas such as paddocks, bushland, uncleared land and land with stubble or long grass.
  • Off-road activity includes the use of anything activated by an internal combustion engine used off-road e.g. motor bikes, quad bikes, excavators, chain saws, ride on lawn mowers and generators.
  • Use or operation of any vehicle on “gazetted roads”, lanes, driveways, yards or other areas that provide access to, or a parking facility at, any residential, farming or business premises, if the area has been sufficiently cleared of inflammable material to prevent the escape of fire.
  • Use or operation of a vehicle for the prevention of an immediate and serious risk to the health or safety of a person or livestock, and only if all reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent the activity from creating a bush fire danger.
  • Off-road activity for urgent work carried out by an essential service can continue, but only when the prescribed conditions in Division 9 of the Bush Fires Regulations 1954 are complied with. Urgent works, in relation to the provision of an essential service, means repairs or maintenance necessary for the continued provision, or restoration, of the service. Essential services: water supply, sewerage or drainage services; electricity or gas services; telecommunications services; public transport services and rubbish collection or disposal services.
  • Off-road use or operation of vehicles, engines, plant or machinery for agricultural purposes or by business, industry or by or on behalf of a public authority in accordance with Regulations 24ZH - 24ZL Bush Fires Regulations 1954.

To receive SMS notifications to your mobile device of Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans being issued within the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes, please complete the online form here. There is no charge for this service.

  • The Shire will broadcast a message over the Fire Radio system to Bush Fire Brigade members with Fire radios.
  • The Shire emails ABC radio and the ban will be broadcast on the day of the ban over ABC radio.
  • Notification of Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans will also be communicated via our  Facebook page during office office hrs.