The Shire is responsible for the care, control, and management of 320km of sealed roads and 562km of unsealed roads.

Main Roads WA

The following roads are under the care, control, and management of Main Roads WA.

  • Hampton Street
  • Steere Street (from Hampton Street to Gifford Road)
  • Gifford Road (from Steere Street to Bridgetown-Boyup Brook Road)
  • Bridgetown-Boyup Brook Road and South Western Highway

Where these roads are within a town site, Main Roads WA’s responsibility is generally limited to the traffic lanes and regulatory line marking and signage such as Speed, Stop, and Give way signs.

To report an issue or to submit a request for repairs, maintenance on these roads please contact Main Roads via their website or call 138 138.

Mainroads website 

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance that is included in our annual program includes:

  • Patching potholes
  • Grading gravel roads
  • Road sweeping (kerbed roads only)
  • Shoulder improvement works
  • Guide post installation
  • Weed control
  • Debris cleanup

Emergency works include:

  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Flooding/stormwater washouts
  • Road failures
  • Dangerous tree removal

To submit a request for maintenance or repairs: Contact the Shire Office 08 97610 800 or via email or via our Customer Service Request


Road Construction

The Shire has a Strategic Works Plan to prioritise roads to be included in the annual construction budget which is reviewed annually. Projects are prioritised using various criteria to help ensure that the available funding is allocated appropriately. Some of these criteria include road hierarchy, condition rating, traffic volumes, school bus routes and tied funding sources (grant funding carrying various conditions on allowed use).

Unsealed Roads Fact Sheet

Gravel Acquisition Information Sheet