Directional Signage

Directional signs can assist visitors to our Shire to locate certain businesses, attractions, and community services. The Shire permits some private directional signage for establishments whose core business is based on tourism. The Shire has an approval process and criteria to prevent the proliferation of signage that would hinder wayfinding and reduce the natural beauty of this region.

For more information, refer to Council’s policy DB-3 Directional Signs Policy Policies


Street Signs

Shire Signs

The Shire is responsible for various signage such as street name signs, parking signs, pavement signage, advisory signage, and no through road signs.

Did you know that when you see a solid yellow line on the road it means you cannot park there?

If you notice a damaged or missing sign, please report to the Shire.

Contact the Shire Office 08 97610 800 or via email or via a Customer Service Request