Annual Hard Waste Verge Collection  


A kerbside hard or bulk waste collection occurs yearly in the Spring, between October to December for residents with waste collection. Once dates are confirmed we will update the public on our website, on noticeboards and social media. See poster below on what is and is not accepted.  

Separated scrap metal, fridges + washing machines and electronic waste will be recycled. 

Any questions regarding accepted/not accepted wastes contact the Shire. 

Why do I need three separate piles on my verge of general waste, scrap metal and electronic waste? 

We ask that your wastes are presented separately to allow us to recycle what we can from your verge. Electronic wastes and scrap metals, if presented separately are diverted from landfill. If they are all mixed up with general waste they cannot be recycled due to the extra time to sort them out. 

The truck has only collected some of my waste, can you ask them to come back for the rest?

Multiple trucks will collect items from your verge during the collection week on different days. This is due to electronic waste and scrap metal being separated out to be recycled and it needing to be collected in separate loads.  


Please only contact the Shire Office the week after the collection, on the Monday or ASAP to report a missed collection. Missed loads reported after the Friday following the collection week, may not be able to be collected and it will be up to the property holder to arrange for transportation and cover any associated disposal fees for it at the Waste Facility.