The following are recyclable, but not in the kerbside bin system. Please take them to the Bridgetown Waste Facility: 

  • Batteries – household, those embedded in toys or equipment and vehicle batteries 
  • Scrap Metal 
  • Electronic waste 
  • Engine Oil 
  • Light globes 
  • Tyres (fees apply) 

Community led recycling options in Bridgetown

Bridgetown Library

Accepting Mobile Phones, plastic bread tags, reading glasses and sunglasses, toothcare products, writing implements, blister packs.  

Bridgetown Hub

Accepting Blades, razors, and plastic packaging from razors (refillable & disposable), handles and bases; Hair aerosol containers - empty (hairspray, mousse, dry shampoo, etc.), Hair care jars, lids, bottles, closures, tubes, pumps, and caps - empty (all brands); Hair colouring jars, lids, bottles – empty (all brands). 

Container for Change 

The Container for Change Refund Point operates at the Bridgetown Waste Facility refunding 10c for each eligible container. This refund point operates as self-serve during the facility opening hours, with residents needing to register for a member number to receive the refund amount via EFT.  

There are also Community Group donation bins on site, for those who wish to donate their refund towards fundraising efforts. This is a great option if you only collect small amounts. 

For more information, queries and to review the list of eligible containers please contact Hastie Waste  
The Shire is not involved in its operations. 

Are there local businesses offering recycling drop off?

  • E-waste (computers, laptops, modems etc) - Bridgetown Computers  
  • Clean clothing, books, toys, household items –YeOp Shop, St Paul's Op Shop        
  • Books - Bridgetown Library  
  • Wool, yarn, material, ribbon, buttons, textiles – Bridgetown Arts and Crafts  
  • Batteries - Mitre 10  
  • Hearing aid batteries - Pharmacy 777  
  • Ink print cartridges – Post Office, Mitre 10, Newsagents 
  • Used Stamps - Post Office 
  • Timber, recycled wood – Men's Shed 9761 1288·  
  • Furniture – Bridgetown Buy Swap & Sell or Bridgetown for Free (Facebook) 
  • Garden tools - Ashbil Community Garden· 
  • Plastic plant labels - Hillview Nursery 

The Shire advises that this information was correct as of May 2024. Changes may have occurred so please check directly with the business directly if you have any questions.