Strategic Community Plan Update

Published on Friday, 15 January 2021 at 8:14:48 AM

We have previously shared an update on the Scorecard Survey Results which was the first part of our consultation with you regarding the new Strategic Community Plan.  You can view that News Article here.

In that article we advised that we would be undertaking the second round of consultation and engagement between December 2020 and February 2021.  The second round has not been progressed as we have identified the need to consult with you on both of our key strategic documents - the Strategic Community Plan and the Corporate Business Plan.  These documents are both required to meet criteria and legislative requirements set by the State Government. 

In the past, we have consulted with you on the Strategic Community Plan only, as that is what is required.  However, we have determined that it best practice to also consult with you in the Corporate Business Plan.  This way, you will be informed and engaged with respect all elements of the planning process.  You can learn more about the content of both of these important documents here.

So, while this may take us longer we will be working hard to get the revised Corporate Business Plan prepared so we can share it (and the Strategic Community Plan) with you in draft format during February and March.  This will allow Councillors time to consider and include feedback on the documents content before formally endorsing them at the March 2021 meeting.  These documents, in particular the Corporate Business Plan, will then inform the development of our annual budget.


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