Shire Strategic Planning & Community Consultation

Published on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 at 1:12:00 PM

Every 4 years the Shire engages in extensive community consultation to check in with the community on a range of issues and to seek community input into the future of the Shire.  This consultation forms the basis of the Strategic Community Plan which can be viewed here. This plan gives Councillors and Shire staff the strategic framework and direction we operate under.  Specific actions are then identified to progress those strategic objectives.  These actions are formalized and documented in the Shire’s Corporate Business Plan.

The Corporate Business Plan is reviewed by Councillors and the Executive Leadership Team annually as one of the first steps in the preparation of the annual budget. Actions in the Plan are prioritized to cover a 4 year period so the actions and budget allocations align with the Strategic Community Plan.

This year we will be taking a different approach to our community consultation.  We are working in partnership with CATLYSE, a consulting firm who have worked with approximately ¾’s of the Shires in Western Australia. 

CATLYSE have a unique approach that will benchmark our performance (based on the community’s feedback via a ‘scoretable survey’ against other Shires.  The survey and consultation process will still inform the development of the Strategic Community Plan as well as providing a more measurable approach to the process.

CATALYSE recently worked with LG Professionals WA and the State Government to measure our state-wide resilience in response to COVID-19. If you missed our news story on that process and results you can view it here.

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