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Notice of intention to levy differential rates for the 2023/24 financial year

In accordance with section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995, notice is hereby given with respect of the intention of the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes to adopt and levy in the 2023/24 financial year the following rates in the dollar (Rate in $) and minimum payments for differential general gross rental value (GRV) and differential general unimproved value (UV) rates:


Rate in $

Minimum Payment

General Gross Rental Value (GRV) Properties

10.2727 cents


Mining Gross Rental Value (GRV) Properties

19.9767 cents





Rural Unimproved Value (UV) Properties

0.5187 cents


Mining Unimproved Value (UV) Properties

6.8900 cents


The proposed rates in the dollar and minimum payments will fund the estimated budget deficiency of $5.668m. Any further updates to valuations received will result in the rate in the dollars being updated to achieve this advertised rate yield.

A Statement of Objectives and Reasons for adopting these rates is available for inspection at the Shire Administration Building or Bridgetown Library during operating hours, or may be downloaded here. Submissions from electors and ratepayers in respect of the proposed rates or minimum payments and any related matter may be made (in writing) addressed to the CEO by close of business on Thursday, 22 June 2023.  Any general enquiries should be directed to Darren Wilson, Coordinator Corporate Services.

Posted: 26 May 2023

Public Advertisement of Development Application - Extractive Industry

The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes has received a development application from B & J Catalano proposing an extractive industry for which public comments are invited. The application is for gravel excavation on land situated on South Western Highway, Yornup, being lots 1910, 3943, 8749, 1967, 11583, and 1370.

Details of the proposal are available for inspection here or at the Bridgetown Library during operating hours. Any queries should be directed to Development Services on 9761 0800.

Comments on this proposal must be made in writing and lodged with the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes by 4.30pm Wednesday 31 May 2023. Submissions will be accepted via email to, in person, or by post to PO Box 271, Bridgetown WA 6255.

Please note that any comments made may be included in a report to Council, which will be available to the public.  To comply with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1992, please advise if you consider any of this information should be withheld.

Posted: 3 May 2023

Local Planning Policy – Development Compliance

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 23 February 2023, Council resolved to adopt the draft Local Planning Policy – Development Compliance for the purpose of public advertisement, in accordance with Regulation 4 Schedule 2 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

The intent of this Policy is to provide a transparent and consistent approach to town planning and building compliance, through categorisation of compliance according to their level of severity and impact.

A copy of the draft Policy is available for public inspection here, at the Bridgetown Library, or at the Administration Building during operating hours.

Any person who wishes to comment on this proposal should do so in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes, PO Box 271 Bridgetown W.A. 6255, or via email to no later than 4.30pm Wednesday 19 April 2023.

Posted: 16 March 2023

Minor Review of Strategic Community Plan

Council has commenced a minor review of its Strategic Community Plan.

The Strategic Community Plan shares Council’s vision and aspirations for the future and outlines how it will, over the decade following adoption, work towards a brighter future for the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes community.  The 2021 Plan was developed with full community participation including a survey and community workshop.

In accordance with Section 5.56(1) of the Local Government Act 1995, local governments’ must undertake a review of their Strategic Community Plan every two years, alternating between a minor and major review.

Council’s current Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031 was adopted on 24 June 2021.  A minor review is therefore scheduled to occur in 2023.

Interested persons are invited to provide input into the minor review process via lodging written comments to the Shire.  To assist those persons, the Council has released a briefing paper which can be viewed here or at the Bridgetown Library during operating hours.

The briefing paper provides details on how to make a submission - submissions (written comments or suggestions) can be submitted as follows:

  • Via email to
  • By post to PO Box 271 Bridgetown WA 6255
  • In person to the Shire Administration Office – 1 Steere Street, Bridgetown WA 6255

The closing date for receipt of submissions is 4.00pm, Wednesday 12th April 2023.

Posted: 27 February 2023

Town Planning Scheme No. 4, Scheme Amendment No. 71

Notice is hereby given that the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes has initiated a Scheme Amendment to include an “Additional Use 7” to enable Council to consider a “Motor Vehicle Repair Station” as a discretionary use on Lot 48 Jephson Street Greenbushes and to amend the Scheme accordingly.

Full details of the proposal can be found here or are available at the Bridgetown Library during operating hours. 

Submissions on this proposal must be made in writing and lodged with the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tim Clynch, via email to, via post or in person to the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes, 1 Steere St, Bridgetown by 4.30pm Wednesday 5 April 2023.

Please note that any comments made may be included in a report to Council on the matter, which will be available to the public.

This proposal is available for inspection to provide an opportunity for public comment and it should not be construed that approval will be granted.

Posted: 22 February 2023

Proposed Amendment to Local Law Relating To Fencing

The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes proposes to make a local law relating to fencing. The purpose of this local law is to introduce new requirements for licensing of an electrified fence on a commercial or industrial lot. The effect of this local law is that any electrified fence on a commercial or industrial lot is to be located on the property side of the fence, and behind a sufficient fence.

A copy of the proposed local law can be found here or inspected at the Bridgetown Library during operating hours.

Submissions may be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer by email to, via post to PO Box 271, Bridgetown WA 6255, or in person to the Shire Administration building located at 1 Steere St, Bridgetown. Submissions will be accepted until 4.30pm Friday 31 March 2023.

Posted: 10 February 2023

Expressions of Interest - CEO Recruitment Committee

The contract of employment for the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tim Clynch, expires on 4 January 2024. 

As he has served in the position for a period of more than 10 years Council is required under the Local Government (Administration) Regulations to carry out a recruitment and selection process in accordance with these standards to select a person to be employed in the position of CEO after the expiry of the current contract of employment. The recruitment process is to be transparent, open and competitive. 

Mr Clynch is eligible to reapply for the position.

Council has formally resolved to commence the CEO recruitment process.  It has established a CEO Recruitment Committee made up of all councillors and one independent member and it has endorsed a scope to seek expressions of interest from HR consultants to assist the Committee with the recruitment process.

Expressions of interest are now being sought from members of our community to nominate for the position of independent person on the CEO Recruitment Committee.  The independent person cannot be a current councillor, human resources consultant, or staff member of any local government.

The closing date for nominations for the position of independent member is 5.00pm Monday 27 February 2023

The Nomination Form will need to be completed by applicants, addressing the following:

  • Background – skills and knowledge (describe how your background, skills and knowledge can assist the Committee)
  • Why you would like to be a member of the Committee?
  • Would you have any conflicts of interest if you became a member of the Committee?

The nomination form can be downloaded below;

The nomination form must be completed and submitted in accordance with the directions contained within the form. Council will assess all nominations and select a person for this position.

Please note the independent member is an unpaid position.

Posted: 13 February 2023

Proposed Temporary Workers’ Accommodation Lot 7 Greenbushes-Grimwade Road, North Greenbushes

  • Consultation period closed 28 September 2022

Proposed Extractive Industry - Large Operation (Gravel & Sand) - Lots 8756 & 9648 Spring Gully Road, Greenbushes

  • Consultation period closed 13 July 2022

Notice of Intention to Levy Differential Rates for the 2022/23 Financial Year

  • Consultation period closed 23 June 2022

Talison Lithium Australia Pty Ltd – Proposed Construction of 132kV Power Line

  • Consultation period closed 23 March 2022

Proposed Amendments to Local Planning Policy - Plantation Applications

  • Consultation period closed 23 March 2022

Pest Plants Repeal Local Law

  • Consultation period closed 5 January 2022

Proposed Local Planning Policy - Exemptions from Development Approval

  • Consultation period closed 29 November 2021

Proposed Amendments to Operating Life and Conditions of Use of the Talison Lithium Transient Workers Accommodation Camp

  • Consultation period closed 3 August 2021

Community Scorecard

  • Consultation period closed 25 September 2020
  • To view the MARKYT Community Scorecard report, click here

Statutory Review of Local Laws

  • Consultation period closed 25 September 2020


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