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A Building Permit is required before any building work is carried out, including sheds, retaining walls, earthworks, spas, swimming pools, carports, patios, dwellings, water tanks & other structures.

The Building Act 2011 introduced two options to obtain the Building Permit, BA1 Certified Building Permit Application or BA2 Uncertified Building Permit Application.

Building Permit Application

The Building Application may be lodged as an Uncertified BA2 or Certified BA1 Application.

BA1 Certified Building Application

The timeframe for a Certified Building Permit Application is 10 working days to approve or refuse the application.

You must submit the BA1 with the BA3 Certificate of Design Compliance provided by a Building Surveyor Contractor to obtain the Building Permit. Refer to Application for Building Permit Certified BA1 (see Building Application Forms, below).

Class 1b and class 2-9 (commercial) must be lodged as a Certified BA1 Building Application.


BA2 Uncertified Building Application

The timeframe for an Uncertified Building Application is 25 working days to approve or refuse the application.

Uncertified Applications is only available for class 1a dwelling/or dwelling alteration and class 10 patio, shed, retaining wall, swimming pool, or any other class 10 structures.

You will need to provide the documents as listed in the Application for Building Permit Uncertified BA2 (see Building Application Forms, below).


Bushfire Prone

Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes is within a Bushfire Prone Area. Click here to check your property on the DFES website. If your property is within the ‘pink area’ you may need to provide a BAL Report to obtain a Building Permit.


Existing unauthorised buildings/structures

If the structure is existing with no building approval, you will need to apply for a Building Approval Certificate. The BA13 Application for Building Approval is required to be accompanied with the BA18 Certificate of Building Compliance, this will need to be provided by a Building Surveyor Contractor. Click here to access the Department of Commerce's list of Registered Building Surveyors.

Building Application Forms

Documents for Building Application Forms
TitleDocument Date
BA1 Certified Building Permit ApplicationOctober 14, 2020
BA2 Uncertified Building Permit ApplicationOctober 14, 2020


Building Checklists

Documents for Building Checklists
TitleDocument Date
BA1 ChecklistOctober 14, 2020
BA2 ChecklistOctober 14, 2020



Documents for Crossovers
TitleDocument Date
Crossover Application FormOctober 14, 2020
Request for Shire Contribution towards Crossover ConstructionOctober 14, 2020



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