Bridgetown Bushfire

Reported at 1:16pm, Saturday 5th February 2022 reported near HESTER RD and SOUTH WESTERN HWY, in BRIDGETOWN. 

The Department of Fire & Emergency Services have an FAQ section on the EmergencyWA website. Click here to view their FAQs.

Bushfire Recovery Newsletter

The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes have compiled resource information and contacts into a weekly newsletter, the Bushfire Recovery Newsletter. This newsletter is specifically in response to the Bridgetown Bushfire and Hester Hazmat Fire.

Media Release - Hester Bushfire Recovery

Hester Bushfire Recovery

Hester HAZMAT Report

Please note that all information identifying specific properties has been redacted

Hester and Beyond Water Testing Results

Please note that all information identifying specific properties has been redacted



EmergencyWA - for current information on emergencies in our state.

Lifeline - For 24/7 Crisis Support, call 13 11 14, text them on 0477 131 114 or chat with them online here.

Rural Aid - Rural Aid provides a $1,000.00 one-off payment to Primary Producers to assist with bills and living expenses. Farmers can register here.

RuralLink - RuralLink is an after-hours telephone service for people in rural and regional Western Australia experiencing a mental health crisis. Call them on 1800 552 002.

Rural West - Rural West provide free financial counselling to farmers and regional small businesses in WA.

Government of Western Australia

The McGowan Government today [18 Feb 2022] announced further support for those affected by the impacts of recent bushfires in the State's Great Southern, South-West and Wheatbelt regions in the form of ongoing relief from Synergy, Water Corporation and Western Power.



BlazeAid is a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, our volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.

Farmers can contact the coordinator, Judy or Ed, register for assistance and keep up to date by visiting:

Department of Communities

The Department of Communities coordinates responses to disaster emergency welfare situations and liaises with emergency service organisations and partnering welfare agencies to support the community & individuals affected. The Department can refer you to qualified people who can help you take charge of your recovery. For counselling and support contact: Disaster Response Hotline Tel: 1800 032 965 (country free call) For more information go to:


Department of Fire & Emergency Services

The town of Hester will remain closed to the general public for at least seven days pending the restoration of essential services and testing of individual properties.

Hester was reopened to local residents at 8am this morning after authorities stabilised the Copper Chromium Arsenate on the timber treatment facility that forced the evacuation of the townsite.

While residents have been given permits to return to their properties, access to the general public will remain restricted in the early stages of the recovery phase.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Operations Craig Waters AFSM said there was still a significant amount of work to be completed in Hester. “We’ve been able to safely stabilise the Copper Chromium Arsenate ash on the timber treatment facility to enable people to safely return to their homes,” Deputy Commissioner Waters said.

“However, we are asking those residents to exercise caution in the days ahead – in particular, they should follow Department of Health advice. “It’s important that work isn’t hindered by members of the public unnecessarily visiting the area. “

- Excerpt from Media Statement, 11 February 2022


Department of Health


Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development

DPIRD is assisting Western Australian primary industries affected by the devastating bushfires in the Bridgetown area. They are providing support to DFES to assess animal welfare impacts as a result of the recent fires. DPIRD will coordinate the initial assessments of impacted properties with animals across all fires once there is access to the fire ground and will work with the Shires in respect of reporting animal losses and injuries.

Landholders who have stock and infrastructure affected by the fires are urged to contact DPIRD to inform an impact assessment to guide the State Government’s response:


Synergy and Western Power

The recent bushfires affected substantial parts of Western Power's network in bushfire locations with several hundred power poles, feeders and other electrical infrastructure damaged.

More than 13,500 customers whose power supply was affected by the Denmark, Bridgetown, Narrogin and Shackleton bushfires have had their power restored and Western Power is working to get the remaining 50 customers back on as safely and quickly as possible.

The Synergy Case Management team is available to tailor individual solutions for any customers experiencing hardship as a result of the bushfires. To speak to the team, customers can contact Synergy and request case management support due to bushfire-related hardship.

In addition, Synergy customers who have lost or have property damage to their homes or business will receive the following assistance:

  • an immediate suspension will be placed on their account for collection activities for outstanding accounts;
  • damaged meters on the property will be replaced at no cost; and
  • all fees waived by Western Power for connections, reconnections and network charges (including cost of establishing a temporary builders supply). 

Synergy can be contacted by calling 13 13 53 for residential accounts, 13 13 54 for business accounts or by visiting their website:

Water Corporation

Update #3: Bridgetown-Greenbushes Shire bushfire – Hester Dam water source reinstated

Water Corporation is reinstating Hester Dam to supply water to Boyup Brook and Bridgetown following this month’s Bridgetown-Greenbushes Shire bushfire.

As a precautionary measure, Hester Dam had been taken offline following the fire, with water carted to supplement the local water supply scheme.

Comprehensive water quality testing has shown that the water in Hester Dam is completely safe, in line with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, enabling the dam to be brought back online from tomorrow (25 February 2022). Water quality monitoring of Hester Dam will be ongoing, in accordance with managing drinking water sources.

With water carting now ceasing, residents in Boyup Brook and Bridgetown are no longer required to restrict their water use to essential purposes, however, continued waterwise behaviour is encouraged to help save water.

Water Corporation extends its appreciation and thanks to the local communities for their patience and cooperation while the impacts of the bushfire were being managed.

Water supply faults and issues should be reported to Water Corporation’s 24/7 Operations Centre on 13 13 75.

The relief package for those Water Corporation customers who lost their property includes:

  • a water use allowance of up to 50,000 litres;
  • interest-free payment arrangements and payment extension on existing bills;
  • new and existing charges waived and no recovery action for 12 months;
  • no-cost replacement or repair of damaged meters; and
  • service charges waived for 12 months and waiving of building application fees and connection/disconnection fees. 

Water Corporation customers with property fire damage or those who housed evacuees will also be offered support including:

  • a free water use allowance of up to 50,000 litres; and
  • interest-free payment arrangements and payment extension on existing bills. 

For Water Corporation customers in the South-West community of Hester, the 50,000-litre water allowance will be automatically applied without having to register and they will not be charged for additional water used fighting bushfires or during clean-up operations.

Despite considerable impacts to its assets, Water Corporation crews have maintained water supply to all bushfire-affected areas of the South-West, Wheatbelt and Lower Great Southern, and most areas of the Upper Great Southern.

Water carting is continuing in some areas while crews work to repair severely fire-damaged assets. Residents in affected communities are asked to please continue limiting water use to essential purposes only.

For details on how to apply for assistance, Water Corporation customers should call 13 13 85 or visit

The Water Corporation have activated their emergency assistance packages for residents affected by the bushfire. Their Customer Contact team is available to help guide you through the financial support and assistance options available and can answer any questions or concerns.

Assistance available includes an allowance on your bill for extra water used:

  • Defending your property from bushfire
  • Cleaning up your property or assisting with repairs

Residents in a 500-metre radius of the Hester Timber Mill will also be provided with water to refill water tanks emptied as a result of contamination. This will be done following advice from the HAZMAT team and Shire that tanks have been emptied and cleaned in line with Department of Health protocols.

To apply for a water use allowance or discuss other assistance options, please call the Water Corporation on: 13 13 85 (8am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

Water supply or quality issues should be reported to us on 13 13 75 (24/7).


Western Power

Western Power administer the State Government’s $80 extended outage payment, which is a one-off payment of $80 per any unplanned outage that lasts loner than 12 consecutive hours.

The payment is an acknowledgement of the inconvenience for customers who have experienced a long unplanned outage while waiting for repairs to be completed and restoration of power to occur. Payment of successful claims will be made to your nominated account within 30 days.

Visit their website for more information:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help those affected by the bushfire & hazmat incident in Hester?

We are delighted to advise that Bridgetown Lions have opened a Westpac Account to provide a Community Disaster Relief Fund to assist local residents who have been affected by the recent bushfire and Hazchem incidents.

Account Name: Bridgetown Lions
BSB: 036-121
Account Number: 195013

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Bridgetown Bushfire & Hester Hazmat Fire

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