There are 2 operational Cemeteries in the Shire, one being located in Bridgetown (Eastcott Avenue) and the other in Greenbushes 5.5km south of Greenbushes on Stinton Avenue - off SW Hway).  In addition to the current Cemeteries there are 2 Pioneer Cemeteries, again one is located in Bridgetown whilst the other is located in North Greenbushes.

The first burial in the current Bridgetown Cemetery took place on 25 June 1909 and in those early days there were separate sections catering for Anglican, Roman Catholic and Methodist religions. Since that time the Cemetery has grown considerably and now has a General section, a Lawn section, Niche Wall and a Rose Garden. Many of our pioneers are buried in the Cemetery with one of the most notable being John Allnutt who is known as the ‘father of the fruit industry’ in our Shire.

The Pioneer Cemetery in Bridgetown was opened in January 1878 with the last burial taking place on 23 March 1926. The Cemetery is the resting home to many of our early pioneers and was made into a scenic parkland during 1988 as part of the Bicentenial celebrations.

The current Greenbushes Cemetery had its first burial on 9 January 1910 and as with the Bridgetown Cemetery, there were separate sections catering for Anglican, Roman Catholic and Methodist religions. The Greenbushes Cemetery has had further development over the years and now has a General section and a Niche Wall. This Cemetery also is the final resting place for many of our pioneers with the most notable being David Stinton, who discovered tin at Greenbushes which eventually resulted in the construction of the mine at Greenbushes, which today is still one of the major employers in the Shire.

The Pioneer Cemetery at Greenbushes had its first burial on 10 June 1903 and its last burial took place on 22 July 1911. The Pioneer Cemetery is located in natural bushland on the South Western Highway and provides a great display of wildflowers during the spring season.

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