Strategic Planning

Strategic Community Plan

This plan identifies key strategic projects and goals for our community that have been identified through community consultation and appraisal by Councillors.

We extensively review this plan every 4 years in collaboration and engagement with our community.

The current SCP has been developed after our first ‘benchmarking analysis’ (Community Scorecard Report) which allowed our service delivery to be rated by our community to assist identify key areas of improvement and future priorities.

To read the full Strategic Community Plan for 2023 - 2033 click here 

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Community Scorecard Report

This report was prepared by a specialized consulting firm  CATALYSE® who have a unique approach that benchmarks our performance, based on the feedback of residents and ratepayers, against other local governments.  This feedback was obtained by a community wide online survey.  You can view the Scorecard Report here.

Corporate Business Plan

This plan identifies specific actions and tasks to determine how Shire staff go about achieving the outcomes and objectives (goals and priorities) identified in the SCP.

The Corporate Business Plan is a 4 year plan which includes details regarding the financial commitment required to achieve the identified outcomes and objectives.

This plan is revised annually and its content informs the development of the annual budget.

Click here to read the Corporate Business Plan 2023 - 2027.

Feedback on the Strategic Documents is encouraged. An online feedback form is available below.

Community Voices

To read the individual comments shared by residents in the community wide online survey please click the subject heading in the table below which links to a document comprising individual respondents feedback relevant to that subject heading.


  • What are your biggest goals, hopes and aspirations for the local area?    


  • Over the next 10 years, what do you think the biggest challenges will be for the Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes?

Built Environment

  • Managing responsible growth and development
  • Access to housing that meets your needs
  • Building and maintaining local roads
  • Footpaths, trails and cycleways


  • Economic development and job creation
  • Tourism and marketing
  • Access to education and training opportunities


  • Services and facilities for youth (14-24 years)
  • Services and facilities for families and children
  • Services and care available for seniors
  • Access to services and facilities for people with a disability
  • Access to health and community services
  • Community buildings, halls and toilets
  • Sport and recreation facilities and services
  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves
  • Animal management (dogs and cats)
  • Safety and security
  • Library and information services
  • Festivals, events, art and cultural activities
  • How local history and heritage is preserved and promoted

Natural Environment

  • Sustainability: Efforts to promote and adopt sustainable practices and respond to climate change
  • Efforts to maintain and enhance the Blackwood River
  • Waste services
  • Natural disaster management (education, prevention and relief for fire, floods, etc)


  • Council's leadership
  • How the community is consulted on local issues
  • How the community is informed about what’s happening in the local area
  • Customer service
  • Other

Positive Changes

  • What are the most positive changes or improvements you’ve noticed in the local area over recent years?

Shire News Relating to Strategic Planning

Other Strategic Documents

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