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Council's Key Goals

Your Council has adopted a Vision and Key Goals which guides it's decision making process.


Key Goal 1

Our economy will be strong, diverse and resilient

Key Goal 2

Our natural environment is valued, conserved and enjoyed

Key Goal 3

Our built environment is maintained, protected and enhanced

Key Goal 4

A community that is friendly and welcoming

Key Goal 5

Our leadership will be visionary, collaborative and accountable

1.1 A diverse economy that provides a range of business and employment opportunities

2.1 Value, protect and enhance our natural environment

3.1 Maintained townsite heritage and character

4.1 A cohesive community with a sense of pride

5.1 Our community actively participates in civic life

1.2 A proactive approach to business development

2.2 Enhanced parklands, reserves and gardens

3.2 Outdoor spaces, places and buildings that are fit for purpose

4.2 Programs and facilities that encourage community resilience

5.2 We maintain high standards of governance, accountability and transparency

2.3 Effectively utilised natural resources

3.3 Maintain an appropriate standard of transport networks, roads and pathways

4.3 Appropriate community led local transport systems

5.3 We operate within the Integrated Planning Framework

2.4 An informed community on land management and sustainable living

4.4 Promoting volunteerism

5.4 We participate in regional collaboration

2.5 Effectively managed waste services

4.5 High levels of responsiveness to emergencies and emergency recovery

5.5 We are strong advocates for our community

2.6 Development is sympathetic to the landscape

4.6 Fire prepared communities

4.7 A safe area

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