Local Government Elections

2023 Local Government Election

The 2023 Ordinary Election took place Saturday 21 October 2023.


Councillor Nominations

Jenny Mountford

Additional Statement

Elke Browne

Additional Statement

Tony Pratico


Mike Fletcher


Trevor Stallard

Additional Statement

Rebecca Redman

Additional Statement

Leigh Carroll


Lyndon Pearce


Are you enrolled to vote?

Enrolments close 5.00pm Friday 25 August 2023. 

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  • All eligible electors must enrol to vote. When you enrol to vote you are enrolled for commonwealth, state and local government elections. 

  • All residents in a local government district who are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll are automatically enrolled on the corresponding local government roll. People who own or occupy property within a local government district, can apply to their local government to be included on the roll as an owner/occupier, as long as they are eligible electors. A body corporate may apply to have up to two eligible electors to be included on the owner/occupier roll.

  • All eligible electors are allowed to vote once in any district or ward where they are enrolled. If a person lives within one local district or ward, and owns or occupies property in a different district or ward, they may be entitled to a vote in both areas, provided they are enrolled for both. For more information or to enrol as an owner/occupier contact the Shire on 9761 0800 or btnshire@bridgetown.wa.gov.au

2023 Election Timeline

5.00pm 25 Friday August 2023 Roll closure
31 August 2023 Candidate nominations open
4.00pm 7 September 2023 Nominations close
15 September 2023 Election packages lodged with Australia Post
21 October 2023 Election day

How to vote?

The WA Electoral Commission will post the voting package to the address listed for you in the Electoral Roll. The postal voting package you receive will include instructions on how to fill out your ballot paper and declaration correctly. 

You can

  • return your ballot via post in the reply paid envelope to the electoral commission (please post it in time to arrive prior to election day).
  • vote at the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes Administration Office during opening hours between the 2 October and 20 October 2023.
  • vote in person at the polling booth between 8am and 6pm on election day 21 October 2023.

Changes to voting in 2023 

In 2023, local government elections in WA will move to optional preferential voting. It is similar to how voting is done in State and Federal elections.

Under the optional preferential voting system, voters number candidates in the order of their preference. You have the choice to:

  • vote for one candidate - by putting a 1 next to their name
  • vote for some candidates - by numbering several candidates in the order of your preference
  • vote for all candidates - by numbering all the candidates in the order of your preference

Nominating for Council

  • Nominations open: Thursday 31 August
  • Nominations close: Thursday 7 September, 4 pm

For information on nominating to be an council member please click here.

Please click here to access the video of a Candidate Briefing webinar hosted by WALGA describing the key processes and roles in becoming a Councillor and a Question-and-Answer session addressing direct queries from participants.

Full details about eligibility and nomination procedures for prospective candidates can be obtained by contacting the Returning Officer, Elizabeth DOUST on 0497 100 109 or the Western Australian Electoral Commission on 13 63 06.

More Information

Click here to visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission website for further information. 

Key Information

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Past Elections

2022 Extraordinary Election


Candidate Nominations 

Nominations have now closed

Nomination Closed: 4.00pm Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Close of Enrolments

ROLL CLOSE: 5:00pm Thursday, 16 June 2022

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