Well Wishes to the Outgoing CEO

Published on Wednesday, 12 July 2023 at 1:00:00 PM

With recent changes to the Local Government Act 1995, the Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes was required to advertise the position of CEO, given the incumbent had been in the role for more than 10 years.

The Recruitment Panel comprising of all 7 current Councillors and a Community Panel Member have been working through this task since the beginning of June.

During the recruitment process our current CEO, Tim Clynch, advised he no longer wanted to be considered for the position.  Council and Tim are currently discussing a suitable date for him to vacate the role of CEO.

The announcement in relation to a new appointment will be made shortly.

Council would like to offer their sincere thanks to Tim for 20 years of dedicated service to the Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes as CEO.

There have been many exciting projects delivered to our communities in Tim's time as CEO. He has led the team that has delivered, or are currently delivering, the new Bridgetown Library, the Bridgetown Aquatic Centre, Youth Precincts in both Bridgetown and Greenbushes, the Blackwood River Foreshore development, the Warren Blackwood Stock Route and the Bridgetown Railway Station Restoration.

Tim has been an active contributor and played an effective role in the Warren Blackwood Alliance of Councils over its lifetime and has continued to offer strategic regional initiatives to the group.

Above all, Tim is a passionate supporter of our two towns and their communities and has given over a large portion of his life to seeing the Shire thrive. We say thanks and goodbye to Tim on good terms and wish him well in whatever path he now chooses to follow.‚Äč

Statement from Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes CEO Tim Clynch:

“I look back on my time with the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes with great pride and feel grateful to have worked with a fantastic cohort of staff and committed councillors seeking betterment for our community.  No matter where my career path takes me Bridgetown will remain a part of my life and I wish the council/Shire all the best in continuing to deliver a high standard of local government services and infrastructure to its community.”

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