Town Hall Update

Published on Monday, 18 September 2023 at 2:13:00 PM

The highly-anticipated redevelopment of the Bridgetown Town Hall has hit a series of unexpected delays. Unforeseen challenges have impacted the project timeline, raising questions about when the grand transformation of the venue will be complete.


The project’s design development, with particular attention to the intricate structure above the stage, has led to a re-evaluation of the design. Due to modifications to the stage requiring Heritage Council approvals and Consultants' response time to refine the necessary design solutions, further delays have been created. The project team remains committed to ensuring that the final design meets the highest standards of safety and functionality.


In addition, constraints have been encountered with bringing the upgraded power services to The Town Hall, from the transformer in the Hampton Street central car park. While the original design by Western Power was completed in a timely fashion, work begun by contractors was required to be temporarily halted due to emerging difficulties with accessing electrical services under the public footpath, and the associated potential for disruptions to the local community of continuing these works. Efforts are underway for an alternative design that will allow resumption of the works with limited disruption.


These challenges, together with ongoing global supply chain disruptions, which we are all too familiar with, have led to the necessity of a “To Be Confirmed” (TBC) completion date for the Town Hall redevelopment project. The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes understands the community’s eagerness and excitement for the project’s completion and is committed to keeping the public informed about progress and any further developments.


The restoration of the Bridgetown Town Hall to its former glory, while transforming it into a facility that will enhance the community’s cultural experiences, remains the ultimate goal. Despite the setbacks, the project team expresses its gratitude for the ongoing support from the community and stakeholders during the project delivery.


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