The Challenges of Ducks at the Aquatics Complex

Published on Wednesday, 13 January 2021 at 1:17:25 PM

As many of you are aware, the problem of ducks (and what they leave behind!) has been an issue at the aquatics complex for many years.  This has caused issues for patrons and unpleasant tasks for staff at the start of their working days also. 

This issue is shared across the state (and probably the country!) in most outdoor public pools and is often discussed at the annual Leisure Institute of WA conference with regard to suitable solutions.

Recently, community residents who use the aquatics complex expressed concern regarding the impact of ducks at in relation to health and hygiene.  We understand this is a real and valid concern.  It was great to have patrons of the facility express concern and share ideas regarding potential solutions. In particular David Quinn who kindly loaned us a bird deterrent laser so we could test its effectiveness in repelling the ducks from the water bodies.

Following a successful trial we are now investigating the purchase of bird deterrent laser as a cost effective tool to mitigate this problem without harming the ducks while ensuring water quality and hygiene is improved.

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