Stay in the Loop: Geegelup Brook Community Design Workshop

Published on Tuesday, 7 December 2021 at 4:30:00 PM

Geegelup Brook Community Design Workshop

In an immersive forum, 16 community members divvied up amongst 5 subject areas to capture their vision for redeveloping Geegelup Brook. Geegelup Brook runs parallel to Hampton Street from near the Tennis Club, through Memorial Park, behind the shops all the way to the Blackwood River. Wendy Trow facilitated the event in an interactive session.

The 5 subject areas were:

  • Environment, interpretation and protection of flora and fauna
  • Heritage & Culture, interpretation of heritage, history, and Indigenous significance
  • Tourism & Parking, tourism and providing rear access for cafes/businesses (including parking)
  • Trails, developing walk/other trails
  • Other

Some of ideas gleaned from the workshop included:

  • Boardwalk elements to mitigate any disturbance to the revegetated embankment
  • Encourage businesses to develop their Geegelup-facing infrastructure
  • Naturalize the brook by removing the existing concrete walls to create a more meandering waterway
  • Extend the Art Trail to integrate the brook by adding murals to the rear facades of adjacent buildings
  • Inclusion of indigenous art and history

This meeting was the first community design session we have held at the very beginning of a new project, and we received positive feedback on the approach.  Next stages will including sharing the outcomes of the session with participants and Councillors and preparing a consultant brief for the development of concept plans and preliminary costings. 

We will continue to keep you in the loop on this project and there will be opportunity for additional feedback and input as we progress. If you wish to be on our distribution list for future consultations, workshops, and Shire events, please reach out to with the Subject Line Please Subscribe Me to Future Consultation and Event Correspondences.

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