Plastic Free July

Published on Wednesday, 5 July 2023 at 9:00:00 AM

Plastic Free July which aims to change individual behaviours to reduce the amount of plastic waste to landfill. Zero plastic use is the overall goal, however if this feels overwhelming a good starting step can be reducing a plastic item in your pantry. Simply identify and reduce a plastic item in your pantry that is bought regularly and swap it out for something lower waste or in a reusable container. While it may not always feel like it, small steps made often can lead to bigger change.

Simple actions to get involved:

  • Avoid disposable takeaway coffee cups and single use water bottles by taking your own – keep a cup or bottle in your car and at work. Over a year this really adds up, especially if you are a coffee lover!
  • Swapping store bought granola, muesli, or crackers for homemade and eliminating plastic packaging, especially for smaller items like muesli bars which are individually wrapped items. (This is our Waste Officer’s action for the month).
  • Avoid bagged fruit and vegetables and choose to buy and support loose.
  • Swap bagged tea for loose leaf - a lot of tea bags contain plastic, which when hot water is added release microplastics into your tea. Loose leaf tea can also be added to your compost or worm farm to decompose, unlike plastic based bags.


  • Replace plastic pegs with metal which last far longer and don’t disintegrate in the sun overtime.
  • Try swapping out traditional washing detergents and powders for a laundry strip – this is a zero plastic option and simple swap! From here you can investigate hand soap and body wash tablets which save on buying plastic bottles.


  • Consider trying a reusable safety razor instead of disposable. These are easy to use and the metal blades are not only much more cost effective but they can be recycled (once stockpiled)!
  • Use Shampoo, Conditioner, or soap bars over a liquid and eliminate a huge plastic waste stream! Other options are to get bottles refilled rather than buying new each time.
  • Swap to a plastic free deodorant or lip balm wrapped in cardboard or in a reusable tin. It is also easy to make your own.

What will your action be?

Visit the website here for some more great ideas.

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