Household Hazardous Wastes - Part 1: Paint and Varnish

Published on Wednesday, 17 May 2023 at 3:00:13 PM

This is the first part in a series of articles on Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW), with the intention to guide our community on what to do with household items which are flammable, toxic, explosive, or corrosive if not disposed of correctly. HHW pose a threat to human health and the environment and should never be disposed to general waste (landfill).

Part 1: Paint and Varnishes

Paint and varnishes are never to be placed in into your kerbside waste bin as a liquid. Not only can they open during kerbside bin collection or explode in the compactor of the waste truck making a mess, but they present multiple hazardous risks to landfill as a liquid. 

REDUCE: The most efficient way of purchasing paint and varnishes is to only buy what you need.

REUSE: Ensure you store the tins with the lids sealed closed in a cool dry area. If you have ended up with more that you need and do not need it for a second coat or as a base layer for another project, offer to someone in the Community to use.

RECYCLE: It is possible to recycle these products into valuable resources, however it should be the last option after reducing and reusing. Following feedback from our Community we are actively looking into options to be able to offer this at the Bridgetown Waste Facility as an interim until the Tip Shop is reopened. Our nearest paint recycling drop off point is currently in Bunbury.

Current options after REDUCING and REUSING: Small amounts leftover can be painted onto old newspaper, cardboard or an absorbent material used to dry the product out. We will only accept dry or empty tins and dried out paint or varnish. No liquids.   

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