Hot Paths = Hot Paws

Published on Wednesday, 17 February 2021 at 8:34:16 AM

During the summer a number of you participated in an online discussion on the Bridgetown Community Facebook Page.  This discussion related to the importance of ensuring awareness around the impacts of heat on our canine friends in particular, who are often asked to walk on hot pavements and/or left in hot cars. 

In appreciation of how important it is to both share information and take care of our animals and their welfare we spoke to RSPCA Inspector Haines who is going to provide us with posters for shop windows and signage for car parks that she will post to us regarding the heat stress/danger of leaving animals in vehicles.  Once these are received we will explore the best locations for the signs, and look to see if we can display the posters in shops around both Bridgetown and Greenbushes.

We also spoke with Jane Silich who contacted us in relation to these matters.  While Jane has returned to Perth for work commitments, she is keen to continue to progress an art project designed to alert dog owners to the message of hot paths equals hot paws.  Jane has been in contact with members of Blackwood Creatives and other community members who supported this concept and who shared ideas in the online discussions.

Jane’s plan over the coming year is to work collaboratively with other community members to assist developing:

  • Design of the artwork
  • Potential locations of installation of artwork
  • A project budget
  • Potential funding sources/partners

We will continue to communicate with Jane on this great initiative and when the proposal is ready seek formal Council approval to proceed!  In the meantime, you might like to book mark a RSPCA blog page which has great information including tips on keeping your pets cool in the hot summer months.  You access this blog page here.

Image: The Shire Ranger with Karli and one of the RSPCA posters at Barking Cow Cafe.


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