Collaboration Announcement - Partnering for the Future

Published on Thursday, 3 August 2023 at 11:04:57 AM

L-R: Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes CEO Tim Clynch, Shire President Jenny Mountford and Deputy Shire President Sean Mahoney
meet at Greenbushes to discuss their new partnership with Talison Lithium General Manager-Operations Craig Dawson.

The Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes is delighted to announce a meaningful collaboration with Talison Lithium titled ‘Partnering for the Future’. The main objective of this partnership is to undertake essential capital projects that will significantly improve the overall livability of our community.


This collaboration is a significant part of Talison’s new Community Investment Program (CIP), which allows the Shire to execute projects that go beyond our typical capital works program. To efficiently manage these endeavors, we recently advertised the role of Project Manager, who, along with a dedicated project team, will oversee and coordinate these initiatives.


The establishment of this partnership was driven by the Shire and council, taking into account community feedback and aspirations, dedicating considerable time and effort to create a compelling proposal presented to Talison. This proposal encompasses projects with positive impacts on various facets of our community in Greenbushes and Bridgetown. With additional financial resources beyond our regular capital works budget, we can now achieve a multitude of objectives within a shorter timeframe.


To commence this exciting venture, an initial investment of $1.6 million has been allocated for projects running until December 2023. These projects hold immense potential for enhancing the well-being and prosperity of our community.



Greenbushes Footpath Upgrade and Tree Root Management Plan



Asphalt overlay and kerb Collins Street - Blackwood Road to Jephson Street

Asphalt Overlay:

Spring Gully Road - Blackwood Road to Entrance to Greenbushes Pool

Telluride Street - Stanifer Street to Blackwood Road

Galena Road - Telluride Street to Blackwood Road

Galena Road - Telluride Street to Diorite Street

Diorite Street - Stanifer Street to Galena Street

Tourmaline Street - Blackwood Road to Jephson Street

Tourmaline Street - Blackwood Road to Telluride Street

Tourmaline Street - Telluride Street to Diorite Street



Greenbushes Sportsground hard courts - Install light poles and LED lighting

Bridgetown Sportsground - oval upgrade (irrigation, new water storage dam) and lighting upgrade and extend existing sealed car park and access roads and complete asphalt overlays



Install fans over all 3 courts

Purchase an inflatable obstacle course to set up in pool on weekends

Install automated pool blankets



Planning Phase - design and costings to install solar panels and batteries to make Leisure Centre, Library and Civic Centre energy neutral equivalent


We envision this partnership extending beyond the initial proposal, with the intention to consistently deliver further significant improvements to the lives of our community. Numerous future projects are already in mind, and we plan to present these proposals to Talison and subsequently seek their consideration from their Board.
These suggested projects include improvements to footpaths, roads and drainage in Greenbushes, further improvements to sportsgrounds, development of major parks and upgrades to facilities.

Together, we aim to create a lasting impact that enhances the well-being and prosperity of our community for years to come.



“This partnership is in addition to the Shire’s usual capital works program which will still be delivered as per our budget, so it really has provided a boost that will enable Council to respond to community driven projects in a timely manner.”



“The Council has been working towards a partnership such as this with Talison for some time.”

“This year saw a step up in discussions and Council worked on ideas with the CEO Tim Clynch and the team around a collection of projects outside our normal capital works program, that could be supported by such a partnership. Subsequently Tim and the Exec Team put together an excellent proposal which was presented to the Talison Lithium Board.

“We are now delighted to see the formalising and commencement of this momentous partnership. The community of Greenbushes in particular will benefit from some important works with this significant allocation from Talison this year. We are looking forward to ongoing collaboration via the Powerful Partnership program with further projects in coming years.”

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