The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes boasts green rolling hills, the stunning Blackwood River, farmlands and forests. The location inspires many artists, sustainable agriculture, permaculture endeavours, gourmet food, and fine wine establishments.

Follow your interests and see where they can take you in our beautiful area.

Local Legends in Tourism

Bridgetown Visitor Centre

The Bridgetown-Greenbushes Visitor Centre lies in the heart of the Blackwood River Valley and is the perfect first stop for information about this beautiful region. Home to the Brierley Jigsaw Gallery and a Heritage Museum plus we can assist you with things to do in the area, accommodation enquiries and bookings and much more. So, come in and talk to a local - they'd love to see you!

Greenbushes Eco-Cultural Discovery Centre

The Greenbushes Discovery Centre tells the story of human involvement with the environment. It houses interactive displays and unique games set in various themes namely Mining, Timber Milling, Community and Agriculture, all under the umbrella of 'The Land'. Open 10am to 2pm Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Bridgetown & Greenbushes on Total Trails

The abundant beauty of the natural environment in and around the towns is complemented by friendly and helpful locals. The area boasts truly stunning and unique scenery, which can best be enjoyed by putting on walking shoes and experiencing the landscape firsthand Bridgetown and Greenbushes have a number of interesting, varied and enjoyable trails for locals and visitors to enjoy.

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Bridgetown Discovery

You can design and book your own Bridgetown stay before you leave home – accommodation, experiences, indulgences all in one place.

Whether you want to relax by a log fire in winter or maybe canoe down the river during summer, Bridgetown caters for all types of vacations, with plenty of great things to do. All while being only a few hours drive from Perth.

Bridgetown Greenbushes Business & Tourism Association

BGBTA is a voluntary organisation that was founded in the 1970s in order to diversify the economy of the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes.

Today the BGBTA continues to advocate on behalf of the Shire’s tourism and commerce interests, fostering a successful and sustainable business environment that enables the entire community to enjoy a positive and progressive future with a truly healthy social fabric.

Southern Forests & Valleys

The Southern Forests and Valleys Tourism Association started in 2019 with the main goal to promote the regions that fall within the Shires of Bridgetown-Greenbushes, Manjimup and Nannup.

Our Board of Directors constitutes a range of experienced individuals, from Shire representatives to industry operators.


Upcoming Events

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Must See, Must Do

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Shire Maps

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Art & Culture

Art Trail spot the public art installed around our beautiful towns

Ashbil Community Gardens communal gardening to encourage people to participate in community life, connect with the environment and each other

Bells of Bridgetown you can hear almost 100 bells ring at noon and 6pm each day

Brierley Jigsaw Gallery a hidden gem in the Visitor Centre, one of two jigsaw galleries in the world

The Rabbit Hole follow the white rabbit into creative expression and gallery spaces for local artists

1 Riverview Studio & Creative Learning Space purpose built hidden gem, hosting incredible and unique works of art and valuable small class immersive experiences

Wag Walters Emporium a mecca of gifts and homewares from all over the globe located at Ford House

History & Heritage

Bridgedale House is the oldest building in Bridgetown and was owned by a pioneer pastoralist in the 1850s

Bridgetown Police Station Museum 1880 in original condition with three cells, a booking room, kitchen and exercise yard, a fine example of an early Western Australian Police Station and tells the tale of early policing in the area

Geegeelup Heritage Trail 52km trail retraces the early history of the timber industries, mining and agriculture of the district

Greenbushes Eco Cultural Discovery Centre tells the story of human involvement in a historic building with interactive displays 

Greenbushes War Memorial erected in 1922 to commemorate those who served in World War I

Little Schools Trail 212km drive featuring sites of 23 ‘little schools’ which served the district for various lengths of time between 1903 and 1984

Greenbushes Mine Lookout featuring interpretive signage and a birds-eye-view of the iconic lithium mine 

The Great Outdoors

Bird Watching being nestled in the gorgeous forest region of Western Australia, Bridgetown-Greenbushes is a great spot for “birding” and “twitching”, can you spot all of our endemic species?

Blackwood River Park a beautiful stop alongside the river, there are public toilets & a playground

Blackwood River Tourist Drive 113km drive following the splendid Blackwood River taking you through winding bush drives, lush orchards, quaint towns, tall jarrah and marri forests and spectacular scenery

Bridgetown Jarrah Park with native flora and fauna sightings including birdlife, reptiles, diurnal and nocturnal mammals, and the northernmost occurrence of the magnificent Karri trees

Dalgarup National Park neighbouring the Perup National Park, it creates a significant habitat for the elusive Numbat

Dorothy Scott Bushland Reserve an oasis in the middle of Bridgetown, walk through the tranquil reserve and see marri and jarrah trees, numerous birds and other wildlife

Greenbushes Heritage Park featuring displays of the tin mining industry including machinery, a mock mine shaft and a replica prospector’s hut

Greenbushes Pool a natural waterhole with decks to view the native flora & fauna including fish, turtles, marron & many macro-invertebrates

Greater Kingston National Park an old growth forest of jarrah and wandoo woodlands, a home to the State fauna emblem, the Numbat, and other native flora and fauna

Hester Conservation Park an evergreen forest, an integral part of the character of Bridgetown, being high on the landscape it provides a beautiful green belt for the town. There are multiple walk trails in this park, so get your walking shoes!

Maslin Reserve the understorey plants in the area include trigger plants, orchids, peas, wattles, native buttercups, and small perennial herbs, with all the mammal species in this area it’s a great place to practice your scat identifying skills

Memorial Park is a safe area for children of all ages, as it’s fully fenced and has public toilets, playground equipment and a giant chess board

Pioneer Park celebrates the early settlers in the area and also contains the Peace Labyrinth

Somme Creek Parkland within walking distance of town, take a picnic blanket and some yummy food from town to enjoy in this little oasis

Sunnyside Reserve was initially used by European settlers as a stock watering point, the hall was built in 1921 and used for months dances

Warren-Blackwood Stock Route 320km bridle trail based on the historic stock droving routes of regional pioneering farming families; with 8 equine-friendly camp sites across three shires

Winnejup Reserve just 15km east of Bridgetown, the Winnejup Reserve has an incredible ecological community including species such as  the Sweet Quandong which is uncommon in our area

Walk Trails


Walk Trails in Hester Forest

Old Abattoir Walk (Jarrah-Marri Forest Trail)
easy to moderate 1.7km-3.1km trail with parking, gazebo and picnic facilities, walk around the boundary of the forest block or along the creek and enjoy the seasonal wildflowers and birds

Wandoo Valley Walk
easy to moderate 1km-3.7km trail with seating along the way, keep an eye out for Habitat Trees, hollows in old trees that provide shelter and nesting sites for birds and possums

Ridge Walk
is through mature jarrah on an ironstone ridge running down to a sandy valley, it’s a haven for kangaroos and birdlife

Ten Kilometre Walk
Drive up Bridgetown Boyup Brook Rd to Taylor Rd (on right just opposite Whittels Rd). Drive 0.9km down Taylors Rd a, park and follow the track alonside the farms.
Leave the trail at the end of the gravel pit and walk along its eastern boundary. Follow the signs to pick up the new trail to Break -O-Day Rd.

Walk Trails in the Town

Town Heritage Walk
easy 2km trail with public toilets, café’s, restaurants and boutique shopping along the way

Old Rectory Walk
easy to moderate 1.7km trail with native flora and fauna sightings along the way

Blackwood River Walk
easy to moderate 5.7km-6.2km trail with public toilets, gazebos, playground, river-viewing platforms, picnic & bbq facilities, and canoe/kayak launching spots along the way

Somme Creek Fitness Trail
easy 1km trail with exercise equipment, benches, skate park and grassed picnic area along the way

Maslin Reserve
The Reserve is surrounded by land cleared for housing and farming.  The Reserve was created in 1923 as 'timber for settlers'. Timber was taken and so was gravel, leaving the Reserve extensively damaged.

Walk Trails in Jarrah Park

Bridgetown Jarrah Walk

this is is a must for anybody wanting to immerse themselves in nature, be mesmerised by the karri, marri, blackbutt and jarrah. Various difficulty and length trails, your adventure can be as long or as short as you like (Shield Tree Trail - 0.8km, Fallers Brand Trail 2.2km, Hollow Karri Trail 3.3km, Blackbutt Trail 5.9km)

Walk Trails in Donnelly State Forest

Donnelly River Village Walks
It opened as recreational site soon after and has become a popular family holiday location. The Bibbulmun Track passes throught the township and there are also a couple of shorter local walk/cycle trails - Willow Springs Loop and the Kings Park Karri Loop.

Walk Trails in Sunnyside Reserve

Sunnyside Reserve Walk
Sunnyside has healthy vegetation and a variety of plants, which provide valuable habitat for wildlife.  An initial survey has identified 120 species,  which include various native buttercups, Running Postman and Native Wisteria, as well as Red and Green Kangaroo Paws.

Walk Trails in Winnejup Reserve

Winnejup Reserve Walk
Although Winnejup is a small reserve and was neglected in the past, it has conservation value for the variety of habitats  and plant communities that are represented within its boundaries. These include communities on the river foreshore, sandy soils and the rocky outcrops. A plant survey of the reserve listed over 120 native species.


Walk Trails in the Town

Heritage Amble
easy 2km trail through the quaint town of Greenbushes with public toilets bbq & picnic facilities, playgrounds, and meals along the way

Mining Heritage Walk
easy to moderate 3km trail with public toilets, picnic & bbq facilities, and playground along the way

Walk Trails in Greenbushes State Forest

Greenbushes Loop Walk
moderate to hard 15km trail with picnic & bbq facilities, universally accessible boardwalk, canoe access and short-term camping along the way

Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk
easy 516m trail with public toilets, gazebo, picnic & bbq facilities, playground, universally accessible boardwalk and viewing area, and short-term camping along the way

Waterbird Walking Trail (Schwenke’s Dam)

moderate 3.5km trail with public toilets, interpretive signage, picnic & bbq facilities, carpark and includes information on flora, fauna and the history of the area. This wetland is suitable for wading birds including the endangered bittern species

Walk Trail in Dumpling Gully Forest

New Zealand Gully Walk
moderate 7km trail with benches and interpretive signage along the way 

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