Council Committees

A local government may establish Committees pursuant to Section 5.8 of the Local Government Act 1995 to directly assist the Council in a function, project or issue(s).  The function, project or issue(s) should be clearly specified by the Council and each Committee is to act in the best interests of the Council and conduct its affairs in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act and Council’s Standing Orders.

Every two years the Council will determine if it will appoint any Management or Advisory Committees. Management Committees have limited delegated authority and are open to the public. Advisory Committees have no delegated authority and therefore are not open to the public.

Currently Council has no Management Committees.

Council has established the following Advisory Committees which directly assist Council in a function, project or issue. Elected members (Councillors) are appointed to these Committees as well as members of our community. In some cases representatives from State Government Agencies are also appointed to Advisory Committees.

These Committees have no delegated authority and their meetings are not open to the public. Minutes of their meetings are provided to Councillors and any issues requiring Council decision are included in Council Agendas.

  • Bush Fire Advisory Committee - Crs Pratico & Boyle
  • LEMC (Advisory) Committee - Crs Nicholas (Chair), Pratico & Wilson
  • CEO Performance Review Committee - Crs Nicholas, Johnson & Bookless
  • Audit Committee - Crs Nicholas, Bookless, Moore & Quinby
  • Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee - Crs Johnson & Wilson
  • Sustainability Advisory Committee - Crs Boyle & Quinby
  • Youth Services Advisory Committee - Currently in Recess
  • Trails Development Advisory Committee - Crs Mountford & Quinby
  • Roadwise Advisory Committee - Crs Pratico & Moore