Our Shire

Bridgetown Greenbushes at a Glance

Located within the South West region of Western Australia, the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes boasts green rolling hills, the stunning Blackwood River, farmlands and forests. The location inspires many artists, sustainable agriculture, permaculture endeavours, gourmet food, and fine wine establishments. There are a range of accommodation options to meet residential and visitor needs.

Home to iconic events such as the Blackwood Marathon, Blues at Bridgetown Music Festival, the Banquet on the Bridge and the ever growing Bridgetown Art Trail, the community is dynamic and always evolving. The appeal and diversity of the area sees many visitors choosing to settle here.

The Shire is home to a major lithium mine and primary processing facility which will continue to undergo significant expansion in the next two to four years. Increased employment opportunities are anticipated to grow the population by 22.5 percent.

The Shire's elected members and staff are committed to continuing to develop best practice and a 'can do' approach in all service areas to add value to community and local business initiatives that aligns with our shared values. We strive to work collaboratively within our community, and with neighbouring Shires to ensure we are achieving the best outcomes for our people.

Our Values

We conduct ourselves in line with the values that the local community cares deeply about.
We always strive to be:

Welcoming, friendly and inclusive.

Community minded, showing respect, understanding and compassion for  others, and working collaboratively with people in the local community for better outcomes.

Creative and innovative, being open to new ways of doing things.

Sustainable and resilient, carefully considering our options and making balanced choices to care for our community, planet and economy.

Cost effective and accountable, providing good value for money.


The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes exists to provide, facilitate and advocate for services and facilities to improve quality of life for everyone who lives, visits and works in the area. To fulfill our purpose, we satisfy the following roles:

          We are a voice for the local community, promoting local interests in relation to environmental management, climate action, health, education, safety, public transport and more.

          We help to make it possible or easier to meet community needs.

          We help to fund organisations to deliver essential community services, such as tourism, festivals and events, and youth services.

          We form strategic alliances in the interest of the community.

          We directly provide a range of services to meet community needs, including town planning services, parks and gardens, playgrounds, sports and recreation facilities, library services, CCTV, lighting of streets and public places, ranger services, roads, paths and trails, environmental management, and much more.

          We regulate compliance with legislation, regulations and local laws related to town planning, animal management, public health, litter, noise, pollution, signage, parking, and much more.


Aspirations and Services

To achieve our vision we have five supporting aspirations. Our aspirations align with our core pillars - people, planet, place, prosperity and performance. These pillars are interrelated and each must be satisfied to deliver excellent quality of life in the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes. Within each pillar, local government delivers a large and diverse range of services to meet community needs.


A friendly, welcoming and inclusive community.

  • Community development
  • Youth and family services
  • Seniors services
  • Disability access and inclusion
  • Sport, recreation and leisure
  • Library services
  • Festivals, events, art and culture
  • Citizenship
  • Volunteer support services
  • Crime prevention and safety
  • Police licensing
  • Ranger services
  • Animal management


Our natural environment is valued, conserved and enjoyed.

  • Environmental management
  • Environmental health
  • Weed management
  • Storm water management
  • Waste management
  • Emergency management


Our built environment is maintained, protected and enhanced.

  • Town planning
  • Planning and development approvals
  • Building approvals
  • Swimming pool approvals and inspections
  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves
  • Footpaths and trails
  • History and heritage
  • Cemetery
  • Asset management and building maintenance
  • Roads, crossovers and bridges
  • Heavy haulage approvals
  • Parking facilities
  • Traffic management
  • Street trees maintenance


Our economy is strong, diverse and resilient.

  • Economic development
  • Place activation
  • Tourism
  • Visitors Centre
  • Event management
  • Visitor rest rooms
  • Health inspections and food safety
  • Trading in Public Places licences
  • Signage management


Our leadership is visionary, collaborative and accountable.

  • Governance
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Law making (Local Laws)
  • Regional collaboration
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Financial management
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Workforce management
  • Information technology
  • Elections and polls
  • Council and Electors' meetings
  • Community consultation
  • Communications
  • Customer service