Renewable Energy

Published on Wednesday, 18 November 2020 at 9:32:26 AM

During 2020 we undertook an energy audit review in partnership with H2 Energy Solutions to explore energy tariffs and to investigate the benefits of retro fitting solar systems on the Shire buildings including the Library, Civic Centre (Town Hall, Lesser Hall and Shire Administration Building), Leisure Centre, Visitor Centre, Fire Control Centre and Works Depot.  You can view the report here.

This audit identified that investment in solar systems for each building would result in savings of between $1.6k and $13.4k per annum on energy bills.  These savings would achieve a return on capital expenditure incurred in installing the systems of between 2.3 and 4.4 years.

The audit noted the existing system on the Library (which can be expanded) and the recent system installed at the Leisure Centre (on the pool buildings).  

We are now currently investigating battery storage options to complement and further maximize the investment in solar systems for Council to make a decision on when and how to best retro fit our buildings with solar.  The preferred option would be to install 6 systems at the same time.  This is estimated to cost $100,000.  Installation of batteries would be an extra cost, but would achieve further long term benefit as the energy we produce can be stored and used round the clock.  We are also currently investigating funding options to assist with this investment and will keep you informed on developments.

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