How Do I Stay in the Loop? Part II - Noticeboards

Published on Monday, 31 January 2022 at 4:30:00 PM

During our first article in the How Do I Stay in the Loop Series, we discussed how to change your Facebook settings to see important Shire news. This week, we leave our computers and head to the streets. I would like to discuss where else you can stay in the loop just by checking out our main thoroughfare.

If you’re approaching Bridgetown from Greenbushes, pull into the bay just at the start of town on the left and have a look at our upcoming events.

Information Bay - North

Continue down Hampton St. and park just outside the Mulberry Tree. Safely cross the road to see our library and leisure centre hours and programs. You will also see a snapshot of our Shire Connect newsletter.

Community Kiosk Noticeboard

Next, when you pop over to the Shire Building to pay for your dog registration, the entrance features another noticeboard packed with posters outlining job openings, movie festival programs and more!

Shire Admin Noticeboard

Lastly, just before you head towards Nannup, there is one more noticeboard on your right. This will have information coming to you very shortly…We can’t wait.

Information Bay - South
Thanks for taking this trip with us. If you have any other ideas in ways the Shire can update you, please complete a Customer Service Request form online with your suggestions.

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