Community Consultation

Open consultations are listed below:

Community Scorecard

Every 4 years the Shire engages in extensive community consultation to check in with the community on a range of issues and to seek community input into the future of the community. This consultation forms the basis of the Strategic Community Plan. The Strategic Plan gives Councillors and Shire staff the framework we are to operate within.

This year we will be taking a different approach to our community consultation. We are working in partnership with CATLYSE, a consulting firm who have worked with approximately 75% of the Shires in Western Australia. CATLYSE have a unique approach that will benchmark our performance (based on the community’s feedback via a Scorecard Survey against other Shires.

The survey and consultation process will still inform the development of the Strategic Community Plan as well as providing a more measurable approach to the process. This means that we will be able to clearly identify the areas the community thinks we are performing well in. We won’t rest on laurels here; but will be able to focus more attention on the areas where you tell us you are not satisfied.

We will be more accountable to the community in terms of performance because of the benchmarking aspect of the process. We will also be more accountable to tell you how we will improve in the areas you are not satisfied with.

Please make your voice heard and complete the scorecard survey. It will only take 5-10 minutes of your time - depending on how much you want to tell us!

Statutory Review of Local Laws

The Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) provides the Shire with the power to make local laws. The Shire has a number of local laws, which help manage, regulate and control a number of activities throughout the Shire district.

Section 3.16 of the Act requires the Shire’s local laws to be reviewed within an eight year period after their commencement in order to determine if the Shire’s local laws should remain unchanged, be repealed or amended.

When the outcome of the review finds it is necessary to change an outdated aspect of a local law or that the subsidiary legislation has become defunct or obsolete, the Shire must then commence the process outlined in section 3.12 of the Act to implement any changes.

The Local Law review will allow for the adoption, amendment and possible repeal of our local laws in order to bring them up to date with the constantly evolving society within the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes.

Why have Local Laws?

The Local Government Act 1995 enables Western Australian local governments to make local laws which are considered necessary for the good government of their districts.

Local Laws are intended to benefit the community, for example by:

  • Supporting a healthy and safe community;
  • Protect public assets from damage or accelerated deterioration;
  • Project the environment; and
  • Support a quality of life that meets the general expectations of the community.

To do this, some of the Local Laws are used to control activities and uses on land which may:

  • Be detrimental to the amenity of the area or the environment; or
  • Cause a nuisance to others in the vicinity; or
  • Cause damage to Council and community assets; or
  • Create an obstruction or danger or expose others to risk; or
  • Interfere with the safety and convenience of people travelling on or using Council land or roads; or
  • Impede free and safe access for people; or
  • Affect a person’s enjoyment of public and other places.

Council has 11 Local Laws – all of which are up for review and community comment on prospective changes is requested: 

The existing 11 Local Laws are:

  • Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares & Public Places Local Law (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Bush Fire Brigades Local Law (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Cats (last reviewed January 2019)
  • Cemeteries (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Dogs (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Fencing (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Health (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Local Government Property (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Parking & Parking Facilities (last reviewed July 2017)
  • Pest Plants (last reviewed August 2016)
  • Standing Orders (last reviewed September 2014)

A copy of the Local Laws can be found on the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes website at or can be inspected or obtained at the Bridgetown Library. 

Written submissions are invited and can be delivered to the Shire by the following means prior to 4pm, Friday 25 September 2020

Deliver by hand to:
Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes Administration Building\
1 Steere Street
Bridgetown WA 6255

Post by mail to:
Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes
PO Box 271
Bridgetown WA 6258

Email to: