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From Geegelup to Bridgetown – 150 Years – Our Home

PRESS RELEASE - November 2018

The Bridgetown-Greenbushes Shire Council will fund a repeat screening of the sound and light show which was featured at the 150th Anniversary of Bridgetown’s Gazettal on 9th June 2018.  The incredible show (produced by VJZoo) featured artwork created by local school children, artists and musicians who have, and do, call Bridgetown home. The screening will feature as part of the 2018 Blues at Bridgetown Festival at 7.30pm on Saturday 10th November 2018. Live performances from Emily Barker, Mary Myfanwy and Tracey Barnett will be a part of the second screening along with the “Home” lantern parade by local students. The screening will take place on the façade of the Civic Centre and can be viewed from Steere Street which will be closed for the Blues Street Party.

The original screening and celebration in June highlighted a community spirit that is alive and well in the Bridgetown of today, just as it was in the Bridgetown of 1868. Resilience and determination could be seen throughout the event, much as it would have been 150 years ago. The event (including the screening) From Geegelup to Bridgetown – 150 years – Our Home was designed to highlight what it has meant, and continues to mean, to call this valley “home”.

The inclusion of all of the school children in workshops funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries added an extra dimension and has helped created a truly unique sound and light show

“This show is a significant production developed to mark Bridgetown’s 150th Anniversary of gazettal” said Tony Pratico, Shire President “The first screening was terrific – despite the wild weather – and I am sure locals and visitors will enjoy a repeat performance during the Blues Festival”.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Denniss, Executive Manager Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes 9761-0800.

PRESS RELEASE - 21 February 2018

Leisure Centre Cyber Attack
The Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes Leisure Centre was recently impacted by cyber-crime when a third party accessed the Centre’s operating software, encrypting data held on the Centre’s server.

Investigations regarding the incident are ongoing, however the preliminary assessment is that a third party accessed the server via a monitoring gateway by the software service provider. The third party demanded a ransom in order to unencrypt the data.

The Shire CEO, Tim Clynch, stated that “our initial reaction to the ransom demand was not to pay criminals for engaging in criminal activity, however after seeking further advice the decision was made to pay the $2,600 ransom”.

Shire staff liaised with its IT consultants, insurer and a specialist cyber-crime support team. The advice received indicated that, based on past experiences of similar nature, the data encrypted by cyber criminals in this fashion were not copied or compromised, other than being encrypted for the purpose of securing a ransom.  Without the exact operating software, that data itself is unreadable. The costs of rebuilding the server and data base were considered to be higher than the cost of the ransom demand.

Following the payment of the ransom, the data was unencrypted and the operating system functioning within 4 days of the ransom being received.

Statistics show that in 2017 Australia ranked 2nd highest in the world for the number of ransom ware detections, and that 1/3 of Australian businesses have been subject to denial of service attacks such as this. 

“It is evident that no business, local government or operator with an online presence is immune from this type of risk”, Tim Clynch went on to say “we have identified some areas of improvement to minimize our exposure to risk moving forward.  I felt it was important to be transparent regarding the incident.  Each Leisure Centre member has received a letter advising of the attack and detailing the outcomes and actions taken to resolve it”.

For more information regarding this press release please contact the Shire’s Executive Manager Community Services Elizabeth Denniss on 9761-0800.


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