Community Consultation

Steere Street, Stewart Street and Civic Lane

We are continuing community consultation on these important intersections which have had safety concerns for quite a while now.  Back in March 2019 we asked for community feedback (in the Insight Newsletter) regarding proposals and ideas to make these intersections flow well and improve sight distances.

We have reviewed the initial feedback and now seeking further input regarding proposed changes which you can view here.

In summary, the changes included:

  • Widening vehicle access into the Shire car park
  • Removal of 2 parking bays on Steere Street (to make it easier to view oncoming traffic when leaving Shire carpark and when entering or exiting from Steere Street into Stewart Street)
  • Addition of 5 parking bays and semi-mountable kerbs on Steere Street
  • Signage improvements

Please click here for more information including how to submit your feedback.

Written submissions are to be received by 4pm on Friday 22 January 2021.

Closed Consultations

The following consultations have now closed:

Community Scorecard

  • Consultation period closed 25 September 2020
  • To view the MARKYT Community Scorecard report, click here

Statutory Review of Local Laws

  • Consultation period closed 25 September 2020