Trivia Tuesday: Where Am I?

Published on Tuesday, 4 January 2022 at 4:00:00 PM

Trivia Tuesday: Bridgetown Police Station Museum

How well do you know your local landmarks? Where am I? We are happy to say this local icon is getting some TLC over the next few weeks, including a fresh lick of paint!

Bonus Points for:

  • What year was I built?
  • How much did it cost to build?
  • And tell us a time you visited here!

Well done if you’ve guessed this photo is of the Historic Bridgetown Police Station! Constructed in 1880 the police station cost £423 to build which according to our calculations is just over $100,000 today. Over the next few weeks, we are treating for white ants and repainting the façade to ensure the building remains in-shape for tourists and locals alike!

“The Police Station has three cells (cell 1 was originally intended as a storeroom but during construction a window was added, and Constable Bovell used it to accommodate the magistrate and visiting gentlemen who couldn’t get accommodation in the hotels), the main booking room, two lobbies, a kitchen and two rooms for the policeman and family. In 1907, the Public Works Department drew up plans for new police quarters adjoining the building. The cells and storeroom were lined with jarrah to prevent prisoners picking the soft mortar out.” – The Bridgetown Historical Society

The Bridgetown Historical Society continue to preserve and share our local history. Pending the completion of the building upgrades you can view the inside of the building on Wednesday’s and Friday’s between 9 – 4 pm or Saturday’s between 10 – 2 pm. Group tours can be arranged.

If you are interested in learning more about local history, group tours of the Historic Bridgetown Police Station, Ghost Walks or Historic Cemetery Tours please email the Bridgetown Historical Society or call 0487 592 704.

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