Spring Ranger Reminders

Published on Friday, 1 October 2021 at 4:30:00 PM

lambs in the setting sun

As flowers bloom and baby lambs frolic in green pastures, here are some friendly reminders from our Ranger! During this time of year, more people are out and about with their dogs, which oftentimes leads to increased dog attacks if we are not all being mindful of keeping our dogs on leads (unless in a designated dog exercise area).  You can view the dog exercise areas here.

We have published past articles regarding responsible dog ownership and encourage you to please be considerate of the needs of other dogs and dog owners when out about!  If you are in a public place that is not a dog exercise area your dog must be on a leash. Did you know a dog attack is considered such, even if a dog only chases another dog or human?

Additionally, when we start opening our windows to enjoy the spring breeze, we become more aware of barking dogs. Incessant barking is in violation of the Dog Act 1976 and something we have regular complaints about!

We hope that these articles are a quick reminder to keeping your dog happy, healthy and safe. Enjoy the sunshine!

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