Local Businesses Feature in State Wide TV Advertising

Published on Monday, 16 November 2020 at 2:29:09 PM

Back in August we let you know about a special TV Advertising Campaign brokered by the Southern Forests & Blackwood Valley Tourism Association. 

This Campaign was created to be an affordable way for local businesses to advertise on GWN7, 7Mate and 7Two as part of a unique approach to improve local economic recovery and regional tourism by capturing the ‘COVID-19 Restricted WA Traveller’.

The individual TV advertisements are currently being rolled out as part of this 3 month campaign.  You can view the ads here (noting more will come on line as the campaign continues).  You can click here to directly access the link to our advertisement promoting Bridgetown and Greenbushes.

You can view the August news article here if you wanted to learn about the details of the Emergence Campaign.

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