Farm Business Resilience and Regional Drought Resilience Planning

Published on Wednesday, 11 August 2021 at 8:00:00 AM

Drought stricken land
The Australian and Western Australian Governments have entered into funding agreements to strengthen drought resilience through the Future Drought Fund. These projects will provide opportunities for farmers and communities to adopt new technologies, improve natural resource management, diversify and participate in arrange of community resilience activities. Other program focuses include preparing for and managing future droughts and innovative ways to build drought resilience across agriculture as well as allied industries.

The WA Government is also partnering the Australian Government to establish 2 of 8 Drought Resilience Adoption & Innovation Hubs including one in the South West. These hubs are intended to transform drought resilience of pastoralists, farmers, traditional owners and communities. The hubs will build greater connectivity across WA to drive the uptake of new research and innovation in collaborative and co-designed projects designed to deliver practical on the ground outcomes. The Grower Group Alliance (GGA) is the lead contractor for the South West Hub.

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