Consultation - Swimming Pool Season

Published on Thursday, 19 August 2021 at 11:30:00 AM

Bridgetown Aquatic Centre

Earlier this year Council was approached by members of the community who wanted the aquatics centre season extended from the usual closure date of 31 March until after the 2021 Easter and April School Holidays.  Council agreed to this extension as a trial and monitored usage including patron numbers, income and also expenditure associated with the extended opening period which lasted 18 days.  We could not open the aquatics complex for the usual operating hours each day, due to staff availability. However the 18 days generated $388 in additional income with 185 people using the facility at an additional cost of $8,310 (including water usage, electricity, water chemicals and staff costs).

In considering these facts, and with awareness that some parts of the community want to see the aquatics facility open past 31 March each year, Council decided to consult with the community to see if the preference was for opening on 1 December instead of 1 November and closing on 30 April instead of 31 March.  These are the only two options available that do not incur an additional cost and as such Councillors are keen to hear back from the community (especially regular aquatics complex users) to identify which option suits the majority of our residents.  

To help Council understand your preference, please take the time to answer our short survey (it is only 5 questions!).  The survey is open until Thursday 9 September and survey responses will be considered by Council at the 30 September Council Meeting.

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