Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month from January through to November. The December Council Meeting is held in Greenbushes and the date is determined each year in January and is dependant upon when Christmas occurs. Meetings commence at 5.30pm.

All Council Meetings are open to the public and there is provision for ‘Public Question Time’ and Deputations/Presentations at the commencement of each meeting.

All Council and Committee meetings are held in the Council Chambers unless otherwise advertised. The Council Chambers is situated alongside the Main Hall at 1 Steere Street, Bridgetown.

Members of the public are invited to attend Council Meetings which commence with a 'Public Question Time' segment. Agendas are available for inspection at the Bridgetown Library 4 days prior to Ordinary meetings or by downloading a copy from the Publications tab.

Council Meeting dates for 2018

25 January 22 February 29 March
26 April 31 May 28 June
26 July 30 August 27 September
25 October 29 November 20 December


Council’s Local Laws, Strategy, Policy & Organisation Development Standing Committee is held at 5.30pm on the second Thursday in each month, except January and December. Although this Committee has no delegated authority and hence can only make recommendations to Council, the meeting is open to the public. Members of the public can address Standing Committee at ‘Presentations, Deputations and Petitions’ with approval, and as a 'Party with an Interest', however there is no provision for questions from the public.

Council, at its April 2018 Meeting, resolved to suspend Standing Committee Meetings for a period of 6 months, commencing May 2018 and ending in Novmeber 2018, to trial Concept Forums in its place. There will be no Standing Committee Meetings held in May, June, July, August, September or October.

Standing Committee Meeting dates for 2018

January N/A 8 February 8 March
12 April May N/A June N/A
July N/A August N/A September N/A
October N/A 8 November December N/A